Cardiff Lexington is an acquisition holding company focused on locating, acquiring, and building middle market, niche companies, primarily in the healthcare industry.

The Company's flagship holding, Nova Ortho and Spine, is a leading provider of innovative and cutting-edge treatment options for orthopedic spine and pain conditions to an underserved patient population.

  • Niche business model servicing the uninsured personal injury patient population with room for substantial organic growth.
  • Significant barriers to entry created by extended account receivables timelines and access to patient supply.
  • Attractive demographics include an aging patient population and rising number of personal and work-related injuries that increase demand for services and additional locations.
  • Creating economic engine that leverages extended accounts receivable timelines to drive significant returns - 99.8% collection rate beating industry average of ~75-85%

Through a trusted referral network of physicians, physical therapists, and chiropractors, Nova is establishing itself as a premier provider of cutting-edge treatment options and a true patient partner throughout the entire lifecycle of the claim process.